Redesign your neighborhood with Streetmix, a webapp for urban planners and community members alike to create and collaborate on street section diagrams. Built as part of my 2013 Code for America fellowship.
Contributions  Product management, Strategy, Backend code, Devops
Technologies  Node.js, MongoDB, Heroku

NYC Criminal Case Search

A webapp that helps Alternative to Incarceration programs in New York City identify eligible criminal defendants by giving program staff access to criminal justice system data in real-time. Built as part of my 2013 Code for America fellowship.
Contributions  Product/stakeholder management, backend code
Technologies  Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB, Websphere MQ, XML/XPath


Sustainable Harvest’s Relationship Information Tracking System is a suite of apps that strengthens the specialty coffee supply chain by transparently sharing trade data, social metrics, and expert educational content.
Contributions  Backend code, frontend code, design, strategy
Technologies  Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Objective-C/Cocoa


An iPhone app for collecting geographic data, built during a trip to Africa. Sustainable Harvest staff use PushPin in the field to gather precise coordinates of coffee farms, processing facilities, and cooperative offices. These locations are then synced to the Sustainable Harvest Growerspace webapp via REST API.
Contributions  UI design, mobile app code, backend code
Technologies  Objective-C/Cocoa, Core Data, Ruby on Rails, versioning and conflict resolution, REST API design


An open source webapp connecting people who want things fabricated, CNC’d, or otherwise made with the makers who can. Collaboration with EFFALO.
Contributions  Backend and frontend code
Technologies  Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Google Maps API


An open source javascript geodesic dome calculator and interactive visualization, developed in collaboration with EFFALO’s Domekit project on Kickstarter.
Contributions  Frontend code, project management
Technologies  Google Closure Library, Canvas, Makerbot


An open source, realtime bicycle interaction computer and music synthesizer. Collaboration with EFFALO.
Contributions  Arduino/C++ code
Technologies  Arduino, custom music synthesizer, hall effect sensor, digital compass

Experimental Typography ExCo

A class taught twice by myself and Christopher Gollmar for Oberlin's Experimental College. We covered the basics of typography, graphic design, and design software, as well as leading critiques on student work.
Contributions  Curriculum design, graphic design, classroom instruction
Technologies  InDesign, Photoshop

Yes Ezra

My 2009 campaign for Oberlin College Class Trustee. After designing a consistent campaign brand, I applied it to buttons, stickers, posters, social media initiatives, and a website. As a result of the campaign's success I have spent three years as a member of Oberlin's Board of Trustees.
Contributions  Branding, strategy
Technologies  WordPress, InDesign, silkscreen